Mary Dyer
Born in England, Mary Dyer emigrated with her husband to Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1635.  They soon became followers of Anne Hutchinson, and moved with her to Rhode Island in 1638.  After a trip to England, Dyer became a member of the Society of Friends (Quakers), a group that was persecuted in England and Massachusetts Bay Colony.  In Boston, Quakers were banished "on pain of death."   To challenge this law, she visited Boston, and was told she faced execution if she did not leave the colony and stay away.  But she visited it again with two fellow Quakers.  They refused to recant their religious beliefs and all three were condemned to death.  After her two companions were hung, the rope was put around her neck. But at the very last moment she was reprieved and once again banished from the colony.  She returned a third time in 1860 and was again arrested and this time executed on Boston Common.
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