What does Maya Angelou mean when she says, "History, despite its wrenching pain/Cannot be unlived, and if faced/With courage, need not be lived again"? 

Do you agree with her? yes no

Here are some of the ways people have faced the past instead of sweeping it out of sight. Which ways, if any, do you think should be used in the United States? (check those ways you think would work).

Teaching about the "wrenching pain" of history in classrooms

Building museums that tell the story of the past from different points of view

Paying some kind of reparations (compensation) to people whose ancestors had been enslaved or whose ancestral lands had been stolen.  (Reparations are not always cash payments.  For instance, they could take the form of scholarships.)

Setting up a commission (like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa after apartheid ended) to try to deal honestly with the past 

None of the above