Chapter 4 Activity

Split your class into two teams to play the following game.  Students on each team may discuss the answers with each other, but must elect a representative to give the final answer to each question.  Only answers given by the speaker will be counted.  Either give each team a buzzer to use to answer the questions, or have teams raise their hands.  The team to buzz or raise hands gets the chance to answer the question.  If the answer is correct, that team gets a point.  If the answer is incorrect, the other team gets a chance to answer the question.  Add additional questions if there is time.  After the game, discuss the material that was covered in more depth. 


•   What are the three branches of the federal government?

      (legislative, executive, judicial)

•   Who is the head of the executive branch?

      (the President)

•   What is the "Supreme Law of the Land"?

      (the Constitution)

•   Democracy means rule by whom?

      (the people)

•   Which incident caused the Framers to worry about "mob rule"?

      (Shays' Rebellion)

•   What group of people believed that too much power was being given to the

      federal government?


•   What is the name given to the crime of betraying one's country"


•  Which right can only be suspended "in times of rebellion or invasion"?

      (habeas corpus)

•   Which abolitionist called the US Constitution "a Covenant with Death and an

     Agreement with Hell"?

      (William Lloyd Garrison)

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